Prediabetes: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Prediabetes affects adults and children. The same lifestyle changes that can help prevent progression to diabetes in adults might also help bring children’s blood sugar levels back to normal. Symptoms Prediabetes generally has no signs or symptoms. One possible sign that you may be at risk of type 2 diabetes is darkened skin on certain […]

5 ways to cut your risk of diabetes

Although no-one completely understands the causes of diabetes, if you control the risk factors, you can reduce your chances of getting it. The facts about diabetes It’s estimated that 4.5 million people are living with diabetes in the UK. A further 1.1 million people may have diabetes but haven’t been diagnosed. 9 out of 10 of […]

Prediabetes Treatments That Can Help You Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

Prediabetes happens when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not quite high enough to actually warrant a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Since all of this stuff can be pretty confusing, let’s have a quick refresher. Type 2 diabetes happens when the levels of glucose (aka sugar) in your blood are routinely too high, […]